Strong Counsel During Class Action Lawsuits

A class action, also known as a representative action, is a form of lawsuit where a large group of people collectively file a claim in court. This type of lawsuit allows a large number of people, whose individual claims may not make a lawsuit against a large corporation economically feasible, to collectively file a lawsuit for damages. Even though the individual damages to each person may be small, the illicit gain by the corporation can amount to millions, sometimes billions, of dollars.

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The Purpose Of Class Action Litigation

Class action litigation provides an average person with the ability to take on some of the largest private entities and corporations around the country and address the wrongs they have done.

We bring together hundreds and even hundreds of thousands of people to provide more merit to a lawsuit, forcing the defendant to take notice. For a number of victims, pursuing class action litigation is the only meaningful way for them to redress widespread corporate fraud, discrimination and other legal violations.

The Class Action Lawsuit Defined

Class action litigation, from a legal standpoint, offers an efficient process for settling identical or similar legal issues by working to unify legal efforts and court decisions. For example, a class action lawyer can react to a set of decisions from the court, rather than a number of inconsistent rulings from various courts. The plaintiffs in the situation receive equitable treatment and compensation, which simplifies the entire process.

Another benefit of class action litigation is that the settlement funds are preserved. This effort helps to prevent earlier cases from removing the opportunity for late filers to seek redress from the company or entity and ensure all the victims’ cases are adequately settled under a single class action settlement.

Contact Sullivan Law For Help With Your Class Action Lawsuit

Class actions are complex cases involving very specific and detailed rules of procedure. These lawsuits require attorneys with sufficient expertise to prevail in widespread claims against some of the largest corporations in America. Our attorneys have been fighting large corporations that have harmed consumers for nearly their entire legal careers. We have the knowledge and experience to prevail against even the most formidable defendants.

Sullivan Law is proud to represent and fight for individuals and groups of plaintiffs, public companies, government entities and private organizations in both state and federal class action litigation.

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