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Sullivan Law is a Missouri-based law firm with attorneys who focus on personal injury cases. We are trial lawyers who are also skilled negotiators. We have settled injury cases in at least 20 states. We prepare to fight and will take your case to court when necessary. Our experience includes settling thousands of cases locally and nationwide. We have the determination to seek the results you need.

People Put Their Trust In Us, Locally And Nationally


Our personal injury attorneys represent people in a wide variety of cases:

  • Wrongful death of a loved one
  • Personal injury cases
  • Products liability, including products that catch fire or explode such as lawn mowers
  • Motor vehicle crashes, including those involving semitrucks, automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, pedestrians, buses and trains
  • Accidents resulting in serious injuries such as traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), paralysis and spine injuries, broken bones and fractures and sprains and strains
  • Railroad incidents, including defective tracks, overgrown vegetation causing poor visibility, improper maintenance and more
  • Construction accidents such as heavy equipment accidents involving cranes, bulldozers, forklifts, excavators, pavers and more
  • Nursing home neglect and abuse
  • Medical malpractice by providers such as doctors, hospitals and pharmacists

A Free Consultation Is Just A Phone Call Away

When you’ve been injured or have lost a loved one, seek experienced legal guidance as soon as possible. Call our office in Kansas City to schedule a free initial consultation at 816-945-8853 or 800-487-8066. Help is just a phone call away. You can also email our firm if that’s more convenient and tell us about your case.

Did You Already Receive A Settlement Offer?

If you come to us and you already have an offer for your case, we can help you evaluate it and see if it’s fair.

If we take on your case and recover more than what you were offered when you came to us, we won’t take a fee on the original amount you were offered before you hired us. We don’t think that’s fair. We didn’t work for it.

When you work with Sullivan Law, you will keep what you were offered before you hired us off the top of any settlement, and our percentage will be based only on the amount we earn for you. We’ll make sure you’re treated fairly every step of the way

Multi-Million Dollar Verdicts In Many Cases

Most recently attorney Rob Sullivan obtained a $15 million verdict in a boat explosion case, the highest plaintiff’s verdict in Missouri for 2014.

Mr. Sullivan was also co-counsel in a 2005 verdict against Ford Motor Company where his client was awarded $17 million in damages due to a defect in a Ford vehicle.

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