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What Can a Personal Injury Attorney Bring to Your Case?

Disaster can strike on the road even when you do everything correctly. If you have suffered injuries from an accident, a personal injury attorney can help you get compensation and justice against the negligent party. But you may be wondering, what does an attorney really have to offer for my case? Sullivan Law is here to help you understand how an attorney can be an advocate for you during this difficult time.

Mastery of Case Qualifications

Before you hire a lawyer, you may be wondering if your incident qualifies for any kind of damages or compensation. You can consult a lawyer, often at no fee, on the details of your case and what you may be owed. This will help you determine whether you need to take legal action and what the best steps are moving forward.

Peace of Mind

When you have had an injury, your main focus should be on your rest and recovery. Injury cases can be demanding and stressful for everyone involved. A lawyer can help relieve that stress by acting as your liaison when dealing with your insurance company, police officers, and all court proceedings.

You don't have to go through it alone. Your lawyer will be in your corner helping you every step of the way. They will remain attentive to you so that you can keep your focus on getting healed and healthy.

An Understanding of the Legal Process

After an accident, you may quickly begin to feel overwhelmed and piled down with all of the different information requests and inquiries. A personal injury lawyer knows the intricate ins and outs of this process and will be best equipped to take your case on. They will stay one step ahead of the process so that you don't have to. Focus on yourself and let your lawyer handle the legal stresses of your injury.

Knowledge of Your Rights

Personal injuries can be particularly complicated cases. You may have been involved in an auto accident, an injury at work, or some other type of personal injury. An attorney will help you understand what your rights are, what compensation you may be owed, and how the process will work in any case. They are fully equipped with a wealth of knowledge to help guide you and answer all of your questions and concerns.

You can be completely open and honest with your attorney throughout the process. They will ask you to describe the incident and will take note of facts that will be important for your case. There may be details about your incident that you didn't even know were important, and this is where your lawyer becomes key.

Expert Investigation

Your lawyer will become an investigator on your behalf. They may interview witnesses, document proof, and obtain police reports to aid in your case. These items will help get you the full justice that you are owed during your court proceedings.

Be prepared to share insurance documents, medical bills, and medical records with your lawyer as well. These items help them value the compensation you deserve and will aid in presenting a clear case.

Professional Knowledge of Documents

Insurance policies, medical bills, and medical reports are often long and tiring documents to review. You may not be familiar with some of the language used in these documents, or you simply may not have the energy to go through them. Attorneys are prepared to review all of this documentation to get a full understanding of what you should be receiving due to your accident.

This will be a plus for both you and your insurance company. Gaining an understanding of what your insurance owes you will help your attorney recover the compensation from your insurance company and will also protect the company's rights.

Expertise With Insurance Companies

If you have ever had to call an insurance company, you already know it can be a frustrating process. A personal injury attorney will help manage your communication with your insurance. They may help coach you on your statement and provide documentation to support your claim.

Someone to Be On Your Side

A lawyer will be your number one ally in keeping you safe throughout the process of your case. They will let all involved persons know that they will be representing you, and any contact or request for information be formally presented to their firm. This helps shield you from stressful or harmful communication with other involved parties.

A Bigger Payout 

You may be owed a lot more than you realize for your injury. Damages that you may be owed include, but are not limited to:
  • Current and future lost wages
  • Current and future medical bill payments
  • Paid time off from work
  • Repair or replacement of your property
While reviewing all of the documentation you provide regarding your injury, your lawyer will determine exactly which damages you qualify for. This will help you get every benefit that you are owed.

More Proof for Your Case

It can be difficult to obtain proof in personal injury cases. Luckily, your personal injury attorney is specially trained on gathering proof to help you get justice. They may hire a medical expert to examine your injuries and take the stand at court.

Understanding of Legal Paperwork

Once enough evidence has been gathered and it has been determined who is at fault in your incident, your lawyer will file a lawsuit on your behalf. You will not have to worry about any confusing paperwork. Your lawyer will file a statement, legal theory, and documentation of proof regarding your lawsuit.

Expertise in Mediation

You may be interested in settling your case instead of going through the long process of a trial. Your lawyer will discuss this option and process with you. They will act as your liaison to negotiate the terms and agreements of the settlement to ensure that you are still getting proper compensation.

Confidence in Front of a Jury

If you are not interested in settlement for your case and would like to go to trial, your attorney will represent you. A personal injury lawyer is the best person to help you during a trial as they will know every aspect of the incident, your injuries, your rights, and the compensation that you are legally owed. They will present this evidence to a judge and jury in a clear and cohesive manner.

A Personal Injury Attorney Is on Your Side

Don't get bogged down under the weight of your incident and injury. Your lawyer will be with you to help carry the load of a difficult and confusing time in your life. Whether you are dealing with an auto accident, a worker's compensation claim, or an injury due to defective equipment, your lawyer will be able to fight for you while you get better.

You deserve an advocate, and our lawyers are prepared to get to work on the compensation that you are owed. You do not have to be overwhelmed or afraid with your attorney on your side. If you have been in an accident and want more information on what a personal injury attorney can do for you, get justice today by visiting Sullivan Law to talk to our expert attorneys about your case.