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Product liability claims featuring defective cars

When an individual gets injured or suffers damages from a dangerous product, they are eligible for a product liability claim. According to Nolo, they should familiarize themselves with the requirements of the law to help them prove the damages, thus winning the case. For them to win, they should verify that they got injured or suffered any loss. Similarly, they ought to have proof of the defectiveness of the product. Additionally, they should confirm that the defect caused the injury and that they were using the product for its intended purpose. 

Any individual who has suffered any damage or got injured from a defective car, motorcycle, truck SUV, or any vehicle may have a claim from product liability. Some defects that are rampant in the motor vehicle industry include cars that get sold with tires that may blowout, wobbling motorcycles if driven at high speeds, SUVs, and all-terrain vehicles(ATV), which often rollover. 

According to Nolo, they may sue for a product liability claim when the part of the vehicle got defectively manufactured. The defect may be as a result of shipping, supply, dealership, or an error at the facility where it got built. Similarly, they may sue for a claim if the vehicle has a dangerous design that is unreasonable. Moreover, the model of the car should have parts that may result in an injury or any other damage. 

When they are filing for a lawsuit, they should identify all the potential defendants to their case. They should include all the individuals in the chain of distribution for the parts or the motor vehicle itself. They may choose to include the manufacturer, the parts manufacturer, the car dealership, the shipper or middleman or the used car dealer. However, even though the vehicle is not new, they may hold the dealer who sold it to them liable.