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Car accident statistics for Kansas City

Hearing about car accidents in Missouri on the news is a daily event. You may feel so desensitized to this type of news that you really do not pay attention to it anymore. In some cases, you may not pay attention until you suddenly realize that accidents keep happening on a certain roadway or in a certain area. That might spark your curiosity about overall accident statistics.

Knowing the statistics in the area where you drive can be a good thing. It makes you a more informed and aware driver who is better able to avoid problem areas. This, in turn, means you can reduce you chances at being in an auto accident.

If you live in Kansas City, it can help to look at the specific statistics for this city. To start, the Missouri Department of Transportation reports that in 2017, the year with the most recent statistics available, the city had 98 total fatalities due to car accidents. This was up from 65 total deaths in both the years of 2016 and 2015.

The accidents that led to the most deaths included the following types:

  • Run off road
  • Unlicensed or improperly licensed drivers
  • Aggressive driving
  • Not using a seat belt

Serious injuries occurred even more often in 2017 with a total report of 350. Again, this was higher than previous years. In 2016, there were 348 serious injuries, and 2015 saw 283. The list of accident types that led to deaths is also comparable with the top causes of serious injuries.

The statistics came from reports from the State Highway Patrol. They include figures from all public roadways in the city.

Looking over these statistics shows you the most dangerous things that happen on the roads. It can give you some insight into what behaviors to avoid so you can keep yourself and others who share the road with you safe.