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The three types of product defects in Missouri liability claims

As consumers in Missouri, people have a right to feel are purchasing safe products, or to be reasonably informed about the potential risks. Unfortunately, however, sometimes dangerous or defective products are put on the market whose use may result in serious injuries or death. Therefore, it may be helpful for people to understand the types of product defects that incur liability in order to help protect their rights to pursue financial compensation for such injuries.

When they have been injured by a dangerous or defective product, people may take legal action against the product’s manufacturer, supplier or both. According to the Legal Information Institute at Cornell Law School, there are three types of product defects for which manufacturers or suppliers may be held liable – defects in marketing, design defects or manufacturing defects.

Manufacturers and suppliers are required to provide instructions for the use of their products, as well as to inform consumers of any inherent dangers that may exist in their products. Failure to do so may be considered a defect in marketing.

Design defects are present in products before they are manufactured. These are flaws in the design of a product which, although they may help the products serve their purpose, create unreasonable danger for consumers. All the products of the design hold these defects.

Sometimes products are designed and marketed correctly, but issues during the manufacturing process can create risks for consumers. Manufacturing defects occur when items are being constructed or produced and may only affect some out of many of the same types of products.

According to Missouri state law, manufacturers or suppliers may be held responsible for products liability damages in cases when the product was sold in a defective condition that made it unreasonably dangerous, even when used as directed. These parties may also be liable for injuries suffered as a result of appropriately using a product that was unreasonably dangerous and was sold without adequate warning.