Hoverboard Recall: Did You Suffer an Injury?

Hoverboard Recall: Did You Suffer an Injury?

Just a few years ago, the only idea of a hoverboard was what they saw Marty McFly on in “Back to the Future.” However, today, these self-balancing scooters have become a reality. For the past year, more and more consumers have purchased and begun using these devices. However, besides the obvious safety risk of falling…

Cell Phones and Personal Injury: Do You Have a Case?

There is no question that most people rely on their cell phone each day. From keeping up with loved ones while out and about, to handling important work matters, these tiny devices play a big role in most people’s lives. However, just like any other consumer product, there are some cell phones with design flaws,…

Car vs. Semi: How to Determine Who’s at Fault

If you are like most drivers, then you probably fail to realize just how dangerous driving on the public roadways of your area is. Without the proper precautions, you can find yourself involved in a car accident. When involved in an accident with a semi-truck, you may find yourself with an extensive amount of damage….