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kansas city personal injury and accident lawyers

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Kansas City Personal Injury Lawyers


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Kansas City Personal Injury Lawyers


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Kansas City Personal Injury Lawyers


Kansas City Injury Attorneys

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Sullivan Law

Sullivan Law is backed by a team of lawyers who have decades of combined experience handling personal injury lawsuits and who have recovered settlements that total more than 100 million dollars. If you have been injured due to the fault of another person, business or thing, it is time to let Sullivan Law help you.

With the staff and ability to handle multi-million dollar lawsuits, you will find the team here offers superior services and personalized attention. Whether your lawsuit deals with a faulty product, accident or wrongful death, the legal team at Sullivan Law is ready to represent your case.

In 2015, Sullivan Law received recognition for receiving the largest personal injury verdict in the state of Missouri for a $15 million boat explosion case. Sullivan Law has also successfully pursued cases against Ford, General Motors and other Fortune 500 companies for product defects.

Do you want a legal team on your side who has the ability, know-how and resources to take your case to completion and help you get the settlement you deserve?

If the answer is yes, then you should call Sullivan Law today. The legal team is available to provide you with a case evaluation to ensure your situation is worth pursuing. You can feel confident, when you hire this team of legal professionals, that you have the best chance possible chance of receiving the compensation you deserve.

Some personal injury lawyers take on every case presented to them. However, the team at Sullivan Law takes the time to ensure your case has a good chance of ending with a favorable result before moving forward. This reduces the chance of wasting your valuable time.

Are you ready to start healing and get the financial help you need to live a normal life? Are you tired of having stacks of unpaid medical bills due to the treatment after an accident? Did you lose a loved one due to the fault of another person or business? If so, contact Sullivan Law today.

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